Patient Letters

Post Therapy Testimonial Letters from My Severe SSS Patients

*To view  letters written by “do-it-yourself” SSS people who trained on their own without professional assistance, go to the bottom of this section.

These letters will give you the best insight into what the SSS is really like

“Before my training I could not ride in a vehicle more than 15 minutes without an excruciating headache or being sound asleep which irritated my husband to no end.” —Jannie M. (the very first SSS patient 1965)

“Light was my worst enemy.  To be able to enjoy light is in itself unbelievable and believe me I am enjoying it.  I don’t have to wear my sunglasses every time I leave the house” —Pat

“At last I am able to play tennis or drive down the road on a beautiful day and enjoy every second.  To be able to sew and read and enjoy it is a pleasure I thought I’d never have.  –I have a whole new perspective on life.  – (I had a) negative self image such as clumsy, slow, shy, dumb, negative, bad reader, poor student, bad athlete, selfish, inconsiderate, ungiving, sickly and others I hope to never have to remember.” —Linda B.

“You are the 26th doctor that I have seen and the first one that didn’t send me to someone else.” —-R.B.

“I was a very poor student in school — and now I understand why.  I rode a school bus —by the time I got to school I wasn’t able to think.  My folks nor I could understand why I was so sick most of the time.  I missed over 30 days my first year of school.  I would get dizzy headaches and very nauseous when I tried to read.  —Now I read everything.  —It was the first time I had taken a trip without getting deathly sick.” —P.G.

“I took an early retirement because of motion sickness.  I would get so nauseous and dizzy it was difficult to do the typing and paper work that was needed.  — I became almost a recluse.”  —E.C.

“I feel I missed so much in my life.  Now I am enjoying all the things I couldn’t do.”  —Violet R.

“I’m writing this letter to tell you how pleased I am with the results of my eye training.  The reward for a few weeks at one half hour a day are really amazing.  – – – Another benefit has been the my legs are no longer covered with bruises.  – – – Before I always had large purple yellow blotches from walking into furniture, walking into doorways and stumbling.  Although the benefits are cosmetic, I have been spare many quietly embarrassed, “excuse me” and “oh how clumsy of me” remarks. – – – My tennis game has improve immensely.”  Barbara G.  

“I can now go to exercise class and not come out with a headache each time.  —I was paranoid to drive a car at night because it was so much like going though a dark tunnel and I was always afraid of running into the sides.  Now it’s like someone removed the tunnel and everything is more open.”  —C.H.

“I never believed I could read in a car — I was flabbergasted.  —My legs are no longer covered with bruises.  —Before I always had large purple blotches from walking into furniture and doorways and stumbling.  —My tennis game has improved immensely.” — B. G.

“For years I was not able to bend over and tie my shoes, or to work in the bottom two drawers of the fining cabinet without feeling like I was going to fall in.  I would always get dizzy.  Now I am able to do these things with discomfort every day.” —D.H.

“As a self protection mechanism I developed tunnel vision so bad that I know that I was dangerous at driving.  On the freeway, I could only see the trunk of the car ahead of me.  I trusted other drivers to watch out for me.  Now I can comfortably drive because I no longer need to have tunnel vision.  Since my training, I can now see cows on both sides of the road at the same time.”  —L. M.

“I went to great lengths to read only the minimum required to get by.  If the paragraph was more than 6 lines I would lose my place several times.  — After 10 or 15 minutes of reading I would have to stop because my eyes would be hurting and I would be experiencing a headache.  — The letter moved back and forth.  — I read under 100WPM.  (Post therapy) I can read a book from cover to cover without experiencing eye and head pain.  All in all, my life has had doors of information and activities opened that were closed because of the anguish I experienced before.”  —D. B.

“I lived on aspirin and pain killer for years.  — Doctors would say ‘I wish I were as healthy’ — All these years I blamed it on allergies. — I was always tired.  — After about a week (of therapy) the tiredness disappeared and that put me on a high.  Here I was feeling less pain and feeling more energy.  The headaches are all but gone.  Now I can be the last one to leave a party.  — Before, I would always make an excuse to leave early. — It’s been wonderful to be able to take my granddaughter for walks in the sun but the biggest thing was the pain in my head and that’s gone.  It’s like a prayer come true.”  —S. M.

“Going into stores was traumatic. —It felt like I had to run and get out and go home and hide.  I’ve been since the therapy and it doesn’t bother me any more.  It never occurred to me that (my motion sickness) was affecting me in these areas.  Now I have a sense of freedom.  I am able to look around when I walk.  It was exhausting for me to look around.  It would be overwhelming exhaustion if I started to look around.  I had always had a problem driving around a curve; it was like I was going to go off the edge of the world and that’s not there anymore.  Now it’s almost like I am waiting for the illness and exhaustion to come over me and it doesn’t.”  —D. L.

I can’t believe the difference this has made in my marriage.  I feel like I can contribute more instead of being an invalid.  It’s actually a joy now to be a mother to my daughter not a “sitter”.  People stop living because they stop moving.”  — M. C. (At our initial exam I told this patient, “you can get well.”  She then burst into tears and said, “ you mean I’m not crazy?”)

“My husband used to have to hold my arm and lead me around crowded places.  I would bump into people and become dizzy and very distressed.  Now I am able to mingle in a crowd with confidence and he doesn’t have to hold onto me.”  —C.H.

Thank you so very much for helping me be able to live again.  The exercises are a miracle in my life.  – I will just list the things I can now do (remembering everyone I could not do before the exercises without being nauseous, dizzy or with severe headaches) without any headache, no nausea and no dizziness.  I am able to: swing my daughter, do the dishes, walk down the aisles of a shopping center, stand up from sitting position and walk, vacuum, walk at the mall, read in a car, drive, sit and eat, wear heels on my shoes, visit in a room with lots of people, play with my daughter, take rides with my husband, go to a movie, stand in the waves at the beach, take walks.  M.C.

I personally underwent the treatment about 2 years ago after suffering most of my adult life with dizziness and queasiness.  The medical community was unable to diagnose my problem, and I began to think I was “crazy.”  I became so sick and desperate at one point that I went to a hospital emergency room fearing I was having a stroke.  The doctors found nothing and sent me home.  After resigning myself to live with the problem, I mentioned it to Dr. Gillilan during a routine eye exam.  The treatment improved my quality of life in ways I can’t describe.  W. B.

I feel this condition started approximately 18 years ago.  At the beginning my symptoms were:  I experienced so much dizziness that I could not function for approximately 2 years.  The movement of water, movement of car, turning my head, could not read during this time.  I was in the hospital in Boise for one week undergoing test of the ears.  I was diagnosed with infection of the inner ear.  Following that, I was worse and practically bed fast.  – I lost the hearing in my right ear – and was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease.  Dr. Maxwell decided to do surgery ‘endolymphatic sac decompression’ – Following the surgery, my hearing did not return and I was still having attacks – I could not stand light either natural or artificial, had to wear colored glasses all the time, experienced terrific headaches, could not shop, go into stores due to light – was terribly dizzy and weak – could not bear to be in crowds – could not ride in a car without being nauseated – no longer could drive a car— moving objects bothered me, could not watch TV, could not walk without assistance, could not turn around nor bend down.  (Post DAVT) After four days of treatment on my eyes I did not wear my colored glasses.  I was able to go shopping, go to well lighted stores without feeling nauseated or dizzy.  I can walk without assistance — doing my housework again — can bend over and go in car rides without feeling sick.  I am continuing the therapy treatment at home.  I am so grateful for being able to perform like a normal person once again.  — I have some dizzy spells and feel as though they do come from the inner ear, but they are not as severe nor do they last as long.  B.T.

“I was just reading through a list of problems SSS patients have, I had them all without realizing.  – – – after the first day I was like a child in a candy store.  I couldn’t move my eyes enough sitting at my sewing machine sewing straight lines – – -my eyes darted every where, it’s so wonderful”.  Pat P.

“Later during the training period I was aware of a surer steps – I didn’t look at my feet as I was walking down a ramp yet I felt secure at each step”.  Peggy T.  

I took an early retirement because of motion sickness.  I would be so nauseous and dizzy it was difficult to do the typing and paper work that was needed.  Over the years, I became almost a recluse.  I was given numerous tests, all proved negative.  I even took part in a self help program for agoraphobics.  (Post VT) — I can jump up out of a chair now and take off without getting sick or dizzy.  Last winter when we went to my grandson’s program at the church I sat in misery and pain hoping it would soon be over.  In April, we went to his Spring program.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  We are going more places and doing more than I have been able to do for years.  I’m sewing once again.  We go for long walks.  I can’t believe it!  V. R.

“After three weeks of Dr. Gillilan’s therapy, I can read and ride in a car without becoming nauseated.  I no longer have to take a motion sickness pill just to get through the housework. I can go shopping g and mingle with large numbers of people without becoming claustrophobic.  I’m reagin music.  Shave been able to abandon my awkward physical strategies for keeping my head relatively immobile who bending turning, etc.  It’s wonderful to be tree of the worry of getting sick as the result of doing routine things”. Jill L. 

“When I ran, it made me nauseous but it doesn’t now.  When running, I used to feel like I was off center.  Now I don’t feel like Im about to fall over.  I am a lot more sure of myself”. Debbie S.

It worked, it really worked.  We want on a fishing trip off shore of 5 days and nights and I felt so good I just couldn’t believe it.  – – – I’ve been sea sick so many year I was afraid I’d be disappointed again.  – – – It seems too good to be true.  Your very grateful commercial fishing patient”. Judy C.  

‘I was a very poor student in school and school was very hard for me, now I understand why.  I rode a school bus 10 miles over a mountain road every morning.  By the time I got to school I wasn’t able to think.  My folds nor I could understand why I was so sick most the time.   I missed over 30 days of my first year of school.  – – – After the training my driving improved and Im able to ride in the back seat of a car and read a book.  Gwen K. 

“I can now bend my head and look down at my plate when I am eating.  I can do this wit being afraid to lift up again.  Before everything use to move.  I can now focus to the right and left while I am shopping.  I don’t have to look straight ahead any longer.  I can now turn my head either way without being worried about being dizzy.  What a relief.  Monna B.

I’d about lost faith in getting vision help as since a young child I’d had motion sickness problems and medical and standard eye examinations did not solve my See Sick problems.  — (Post DAVT) It wasn’t long though until I found my peripteral awareness improving day by day!  My balance and coordination have improved 100% I can walk without the constant fear of tripping, stumbling, or loss of balance, also turn in circles, and even in one place without fear of falling or the need to grab something for support.  I’ve been circling and swinging to music with no dizziness!  I’m going to dance again!  I can now drive my car without hitting curbs, and can watch motion with little or no see- sickness, where before I dared not turn my head, suddenly or sidewise, without feeling that everything was whirling around me.  N. A.

“As a self protection mechanism, I developed tunnel vision so bad that I know I was dangerous at driving.  On the freeway I could only see the trunk of the car ahead of me.  I trusted the other drivers to watch out for me.  Since my training I can now see cows on both sides of the road at the same time”.  Lynettea M.

“As for the eye pain and headaches, what change!  I haven’t heard a complaint in three weeks.  This is a new kid who gets up in the morning.  She comes from her room to report that she’s been in there reading for 30-40 minutes.  No more eye complaints at lessons or at piano practice.  – – – She can read faster and small print and close lines don’t seem to be a barrier any longer.  I fear what our situation would have come to had we not discovered Jaime’s gallery to motion and the help for it.  We feel so blessed”.  Jamie R’s mother.  

“Night driving no loner is impossible or frightening.  After years of having a rather stiff neck and headaches, – – – I was very surprised and pleased that after staring treatment my new is no longer stiff and I’ve not had a headache in over a month.  This therapy is not easy – it is uncomfortable at times and requires concentration and determination to follow through.  The only time  I really  had a lot of trouble and had to stop seemed to be a few days during my monthly period.  – – – Alma R. 

I had developed SSS in 1991 after an injury and being diagnosed with TMJ.  Anyway I went from being very athletic all my life to just about helpless.  I couldn’t walk a straight line, I couldn’t stand to watch any kind of motion, I had to stop driving because of it.  I could barely walk outside my house and was blinded by too much light and could not walk in wide open space.  — within 4 days of exercise I was so much improved I couldn’t believe it.  After the training was over, I was better than ever, completely cured, and cured 4 years later, I still am.  Thank God I only had six months of the sickness and thank God I found the cure!  D. M.

“I play the piano and , although I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal, Whe I tried to follow tiny, quick notes, particularly the that sum from one end of the piano to the other and require me to look quickly from piano to music, I’d get from piano to music, I’d get quite dizzy and lose my place.  I still have some trouble in that area (probably bvecuase I didn’t finish the extra trying you  told me to do) but I do notice quite an improvement”.  Tamaris C.

“The real joy has come from all of this effort was when I could sit down at the organ and play three staves of music and not have my eyes straying from the music I was playing.  I played for a wedding for the first time in two years.  The total control that I have is over-whelming.  I did not feel that the control i my eye muscles was so poor until I started the exercises”.  Willa R.

I can now spend a number of hours in the kitchen without becoming unduly fatigued.  I am able to bend over the sink washing dishes, turn from the sink to the stove, look up into the cupboards, bend down and look into the lower cupboards.  I can get out of the car, close the door, turn and walk away without looking for something to hang onto.  In a restaurant, I can go to the salad bar and fill my plate, no longer wondering if I will be able to make it back to my table.  There is no pressure on top of my head and no pain through the back of my neck and head.  Light doesn’t bother my eyes anymore.  — It just made me sick to see the sunlight.  I was desperate when I came in.  I was becoming an invalid.  It’s given me a new lease… now I feel like I can do something worthwhile with my life … not just wait to die.  V. R.

As a child, I had some problems with car sickness, this not being an uncommon problem, I dealt with it as being part of life.  During the mid 1970’s other dizziness started with no real cause.  I would get light headed.  I would have to be very careful of sudden turning movements until the dizziness would let up.  Also present was a sensitivity to light.  When I went to work doing clerical jobs, I had trouble when I ran month end inventory on a full keyboard adding machine.  The constant movement of the head looking rom the files to the keyboard brought on severe headaches, nausea, and dizziness.  An inner ear problem was suspected to be causing the symptoms became more frequent, some trips to the coast would result in possibly up to three days in bed with all of the motion sickness side affects.  I truly feel that the article in the Register Guard by Dr. Gillilan was an answer to prayer.  After reading what seemed to be my very own problems, I made an appointment, and have not regretted it once.  It has made a remarkable change in my work habits, I now feel comfortable on trips, knowing I won’t have to pay the price.  — I already feel 99% improved.  L.G.

Dizziness began occurring — diagnosed as Miniere’s Disease.  Attacks became more frequent and more severe.  — after diagnostic tests at University Hospital in Portland, Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota, and Orology Clinic in Los Angeles, I was forced to retire from my position as a professor of music at the University of Oregon.  Diagnosis: unusual form of Menier’s disease with atypical migraine — cause unknown.  I took a visual training  course under the direction of Dr.Gillilan.  Have since discarded all medication, and have experienced no dizziness.  I can now read, ride in a car, watch television, and other things I was unable to do two months ago.  My attacks of dizziness have come in cycles, and this may be simply another lull.  However, I must admit my relief came suddenly and coincided with the visual training.  J.G.

Before I did the series to help “see sickness” I would have difficulty reading and losing my place after having read 3 lines or so.  Consequently, I grew up with a not good image of myself because I thought I was dumb.  My mother took me to optometrists and got conflicting  opinions because I had 20/20 vision. – – – I would go on having these terrible headaches.  After doing the exercises I can read without losing my place.
I would always be bumping ito thing like counter corners or door jams or other people, I thought I was “klutzy”.  When in a strange place I would cling to my husband to guide me so could look at things and also walk around things that happen to be in my path – – –
I used to think dizziness was cause by the ears but it seems the eyes have something to do with it because now I don’t get dizzy during my jazzercise class when doing all the head turning motions.
I had developed such a pattern of living that I rarely moved my head or eyes any more than was necessary because it made me either nauseated of gave me a headache.  Now I use my eyes a lot more and see things that I never could look at before.  I went for a ride with my husband and thoroughly enjoyed it as much as he cid because I didn’t get sick and I could look around and see all the things he was seeing.  In fact, I used to spend at least 75% of my time either nauseated or headachy and I can’t begin to tell you how nice it feels to be free of that.
It used to even make m sick to watch people eat, I ‘d have to get up and leave the table because the up and down motion of their hand and fork or spoon got me.  Now I can sit and enjoy the fellowship and the food.
I had given up hope of ever being able to travel comfortably and had decided to give up trying.  Now I can travel and enjoy it.
When I would go to a movie I would have to sit in the very back row and wish the wall was back a lot farther yet because the light on the screen hurt my eyes so terribly.  I had glasses that were very dark to protect my eyes.  My eyes are much less sensitive to light now, I go without my glasses and sometimes don’t even realize I don’t have them on until I read 
up to adjust them.”  S.J.E 

For years I was not able to bend over and tie my shoes or to work in the bottom two drawers of the filing cabinet without feeling like I was going to fall in.  I would always get dizzy.  This is very important to me.  now I am able to do these things without discomfort everyday.  My husband and I have gone back to square dancing and are really enjoying it.  My husband is amazed at how light I am on my feet when we are twirling.  I used to hang on to him because I was so dizzy and of course, I kept my eyes closed.  — I could not keep my balance either.  Now I can look around when I am dancing —.  D.H.

After training I can … read for many hours without headaches, — do spins and quick turns with my daughter in her dance routines, play racquetball with more successful returns, walk in the dark outside (no light or moon) without falling or tripping, load and unload the dishwasher without dizziness, — stand on one foot while putting a sock or shoe on the other without holding an object for balance, towel dry after a shower without any loss of balance.  — I feel at ease in situations that require balance and movement.  L.H.

“After completing your program I no can walk out on the spillway of this dam and look downward with hands in pockets with no feeling of being pulled off he structure.  I also can work around rotating equipment and not have the dizzy feeling of being pulled into the equipment”.  Kevin H. 

“I haven’t been so excited about anything since I discovered sex”.   Darlene S.

About twenty years ago I became ill with what was diagnosed as an inner ear infection.  — So I finally accepted the diagnosis that my problem was probably a damaged inner ear which was aggravated by sinus congestion.  I lived — fighting the sinus congestion, headaches and dizzy spells by using Valium, aspirin and anything which would allow me to breathe.  — I fortunately saw an article about Dr. Gillilan and his See Sickness Syndrome and immediately saw myself in that article —.  I cried with relief while I read.  — I think the worst thing about SSS is the anxiety and depression — This caused me to become, at least partially, house bound, as I didn’t have to pretend there that everything was all right.  —  All this time my husband, friends and family were not aware that I was in such bad shape. — Oct. 17, 1982 I visited Dr. G. and started my VT.  On Oct. 19, I realized something was very different and much to my surprise, my head was clear and I could breathe.  I have not used any type of decongestion medicine since that day.  My nagging and at time extreme headaches have stopped.  The dizzy spells have ceased as well as the physical compensating movements such as grabbing the floor with my feet — V. G.

“I’d like to say that doing all those exercises was a lot fun but it wasn’t.  It was pretty miserable and I hated every minute of it but the results were certainly worth it.  If I had to do the exercises every day for the rest of my life, it would still be worth it.  The improvement in every facet of m life has been truly remarkable but the ability not only to function as a court reporter but to be able to do the fob well and with please is perhaps the most valuable benefit  to me of all.  At last I can enjoy he skill Iowked so hard to attain”.  Anne B.


The Following are Letters From Those Who Did the Therapy ON THEIR OWN USING THE WRITTEN MANUAL AS THEIR ONLY GUIDE Prior to the Development of this Website and Without Assistance From A Professional

“I could never read in a car or bus or even turn around and talk to Passengers, because I felt nauseated.  After two months of training, I can now do these things without discomfort.  Moreover, I no longer feel queasy when moving my head around while wearing my reading glasses. The latter is critical, because I often wear them to lecture from a podium, and was experiencing uneasiness as I moved from looking g at text to audience.  This method of treating “motion sickness” really works!  I would highly recommend it to all who suffer needlessly from this problem”. Beverly Rubik PhD.  Director for Sciences, Temple University


“I am so grateful to have my life back —— Here I am four years later (since completing the training), and thanking God every day for healing through the SSS manual.  I had developed SSS in 1991 after an injury and being diagnosed with TMJ (jaw joint problems).  I had went from being very athletic all my life to just about helpless.  I couldn’t walk a straight line, I couldn’t stand to watch any kind of motion, I had to stop driving because of it.  I didn’t know what was going one  I couldn’t stand the sunlight either.  I had went to the inner ear doctor for answers but found none.  I blamed TMJ for being dizzy, but after I was treated for that I knew there was something else wrong.  My head would hurt so bad riding in the car, I would lay down and suck on ginger trying to get relief from motion sickness.  I could barely walk outside my house and was blinded by too much light, and could not walk in wide open spaces.  You see I was rendered nearly helpless, but thank God for the SSS manual.

I prayed constantly for God to deliver me and he did through this manual.  And I live in West Virginia so my husband and relied totally on the manual.  I could not believe it when I got it and within four days of exercise I was so much improved.  I couldn’t believe it.  After the training was over, I was better than ever completely cured, and four years later, I still am.  I have been able to share this with the ear doctor I went to.  I have been able to help several family members who have went through years of vertigo.  Thank Good I only had six months of the sickness and that God I found the cure!” Donna May


“For the last 20 years I was looking for some relief for my dizziness and my fear of going across large bridges or tunnels, I did not go in shopping malls farther than I could see the exit.  I avoid large crowds and air travel.   The only help I got was a drug for my nerves and dramamine for my dizziness.  At the age of 69, with perfect heart.  Thought this is it?  But would read anything that I thought would help me.  I was looking through a medical home remedy book and I was reading under motion sickness.  There I read what Dr. Gillilan said about motion sickness and it made real sense to me.  Since I live on the east coast, I couldn’t o to his office so I called and asked for information on his cure called Dynamic Adaptive Vision Therapy, you sent me the information and diagrams on how to do this kind of therapy.   I tried to follow your instructions faithfully and am how a “new man” my wife says.  I can now go in malls and stores, and has no problem with bridges and tunnels.  I haven’t tried air travel yet. ——“ Richard Lehman


“It is with great pleasure and thanks that I write to you to inform you of the progress of my sixteen year old son, Jamie.

Approximately two years ago, when he was 14 years old, Jamie stated to become dizzy from time to time, mostly in class at school.  This dizziness seemed to be accompanied by difficulty in making  quick adjustment in eye focus, as in coping from a blackboard.  Several visits to a local ophthalmologist revealed nothing out of the ordinary.  However, over the course of several months, Jamie’s condition became gradually more severe.  He was eventually experiencing dizziness and nausea so sever the on many days he couldn’t even walk.  Naturally, his absences from school became more frequent and finally he had no choice but to discontinue.  This was an extremely traumatic experience for a young high achieving boy and for his whole family.

During the course of his illness, Jamie was seen by numerous medical specialists and subjected to all manner of test and investigations,  and for several days was even admitted into Hamilton’s (Ontario, Canada) famous McMaster University teaching hospital, but all to on avail.  No-one had any idea what was wrong with him  or how to help him.  Over a six month period Jamie saw 3 family doctors, 1 optometrist, 3 ophthalmologists, 2 E.N.T. specialists, 1 neurologist, 1 geneticist, 1 psychologist and numerous other technical and support people.  The test he endured, some on multiple occasions, included extensive physical examinations, a full range of ophthalmological tests, lengthy audiological tests, CT scans, an MRI scan, blood and urine analyses, a lumbar puncture, EEG’s and visual and auditory electrical stimulation tests.  When an attending neurologist, during Jamie’s hospital stay, could reach no  conclusion, he came up with the suggestion that Jamie would just have to live with his condition.  I curbed my anger and simply asked him if he had ever been violently sea sick, and if so, to imagine the usefulness of someone telling him to “ignore it”.  The only difference was that sea sickness could be avoided and at worst was temporary, but Jamie’s condition plagued him every day.

From the very beginning, I was convinced that Jamie’s eye movements had a part to play in his problem, and as no answers were forthcoming from the barrage of professionals, I decided to read up on this myself.  When I came across a mention of your work, I was sure that at last someone was on the right track.  Since receiving your manual on the Optometric Management of Motion Sickness the results have been wonderful.  

On receiving  your instructions, we followed your program of eye exercises, spending approximately 30 minute each day in total.  It was marvelous that we were able to use the program ourselves and in the comfort of our own home, and even more importantly, to be able to choose the time when Jamie was the most receptive.  During the first few days, even the simpler exercises were a little nauseating for Jamie, but they became progressively easier, and he started to feel better.  After only 3 weeks he could do the hardest exercises with ease, and, more to the point, he felt completely well and resumed school and all the activities of a normal, healthy teenager.  The change in Jamie’s condition was stunning.  

After a full year of normal health (and no further eye exercises) Jamie starts to display the first signs of his problem once again, so at once we took up the harder exercises for a few minutes each day.  After two weeks he was again completely well.  We are now sure that with a few periodic “refresher exercises” Jami’s tendency towards this severe sickness will be kept completely under control and he can look forward to a healthy and successful life.

Our family embers are eternally grateful to you and hope that this condition and your very successful treatment, can become more widely understood so that others may benefit in the way Jamie has.  Your exercises are so simple to preform, yet so effective, we recommend them to strongly to even the mildest sufferers”.  Kevin Ball    Jamie Ball


“I’m typing this letter instead of writing because it feels so good to do it.  I do a lot of creative writings and before it was at times very painful.  Now that I’m cured of GSSS (Gillilan SEE Sick Syndrome), I type and read the hours away before I realize it.  – –

The ten months before the therapy were spent going from one physician to another. – – I was organizing my cedar chest when it came unscrewed and struck the right side of my face.  – – Then I began having trouble driving.  Objects stared running together on me.  I also started having severe headaches. I saw my medical doctor and he thought  it was al TMJ.  I also saw my optometrist thinking my glasses needed changing.  I also had trouble circling  in the stores because of nausea and headache.  – – – I also had a stiff neck and shoulders along with back problems for ten years.  At the time I did not put all these symptoms together.  – – – referred me finally to a TMJ doctor. – – – the splint cut down on m pain.  I still could not drive and was very sensitive to light, and my balance was terrible.  I was also very fatigued and weak.  – – – So once a seek two shots and at times unbearable motion sickness, nausea, cold sweats, fatigue, unbalanceness, shortness of breath.  I couldn’t walk out hardly in the sunlight or in overcast skies. – – – I could not be in a crowed room. I couldn’t stand a ceiling fan on.  I couldn’t even play with my daughter because  of motion.

I  also saw a commercial for The Doctors Book of Home Remedies  – – – You described me completely when you wrote it Dr. Gillilan.  – – – The manual put together things that had happened to me as a child even.  I got car sick as a child, I was vey klutzy always running into door facings, stubbing my fingers, even breaking one of my toes after running into the couch.  You see I too had tunnel vision.  – – – I could never look down while riding.  I had a terrible fear of heights, and even though I was an honor student through school, I would use my finger to keep from losing my place while reading.  I always had dizzy faint spells off and on which I thought were low blood sugar.  I could never jump up quickly or I would see spots.  As for nausea I lived with it off and on for years as well.  Well I can say good riddance to to things that all added up to be GSSS!  My mother and many female members of her family along with one of my uncles have all had the same bouts and thought it was uncurable.

The 1st day of therapy was difficult.  I was very tired.  The 2nd day I was more tired but my balance starting improving.  I had more endurance by the third day and even went out and fed the dog. (A chore I had to give up the summer).  I was less tired as well. The 4th day I began feeling STABLE while the ball was moving  My body did not want to go with it.  My ears actually popped constantly after therapy.  – – – My energy level starts rising.  I curled both my hair and my daughters in front of the mirror without getting sick, now. – – – I put all my groceries away without sickness, I even sat at the kitchen table and talked to Roger.  This day my sinuses began pouring.  The 6th day I stayed outside for 21/2 hours.  I walked up to my in-laws and I hadn’t been able to do that almost all summer.  The 7th day I was outside  for 51/2 hours.  I even watched my daughter and her playmate play for a long time.  I was not near as sensitive to light.  The 8th day I worked off and on all day.  I noticed a change in my perception.  I picked up much more with my side vision.  The 9th day my co-ordination was vastly improving.  I also must report tat I had not had a decongestant for a week prior. And still have not had one since!  The 10th day day I WENT SHOPPING!!!   WITH EASE11 The 11the day I was even less sensitive to light.  The 12th day  I WENT TO CHURCH!!   I did not have to wear dark sunglasses and have all the awful side affects of GSSS!  I also washed my husband’s truck in the sun.  The 13th day I went and visited my dad without car sickness and  tuning three shades of green.  The 14th day I went to get a new haircut!  i actually bet my head forward with want to fall forward!  By the way all the stiffness in my neck, shoulders and back have been word out through the exercises with the eyes.  – – – The 15th day I stared advance therapy and it’s been continual improvement even now!  My energy level is up higher than ever! – – – I’m back to driving and enjoying God’s beautiful creations!      Donna May     W. Virginia