Ruling Out Other Conditions

Attempting to rule out other conditions and make a diagnosis

After reading the SSS symptoms and viewing the patient testimonial letters and videos and  you think you may have the SSS, you need to  make an appointment with at least  your family MD and have her or him rule out all other possible causes of your symptoms.   Keeping in mind, that some SSS patients have co-existing conditions which complicates things. As mentioned earlier, most SSS people have had their base symptoms for many years with variations from time to time.  The vision therapy however, is usually effective even when there is a diagnosed secondary condition.

In most cases, the primary SSS symptoms can be reproduced within ten to twenty seconds by watching a small object swinging side to side on a one foot string about one foot in front of the patients eyes and/or by rapidly looking back and forth, right to left for the same amount of time.  If this procedure is done properly and does not produce the familiar symptoms, the patient either probably does not has the SSS or may be a delayed responder and the symptoms will develop up to one hour later.  If there is a positive response to the provocative “eye movement only” test, if can be a demonstration to you and your doctor that you may be on the right track to a SSS diagnosis.

I should throw in here that standard Dynamic Adaptive Therapy (DAVT) eye exercises are a cure for regular motion sickness as well (no unusual sensitivity to light) even in air sickness,  but not for ocean (sea sickness).  However, other doctors have reported to me that when a vertical component is added to the training procedures , the therapy does then eliminate ocean sickness, as well.

If you are not sure about your diagnosis and are looking for additional information relating to causes of dizziness the following  is an outstanding source