After the Diagnosis

OK, so I think I have the SSS.  Now what?         

You may find a physical therapist who knows, or is willing to learn about the SSS therapy and guide you through your training.  You could direct them to this site for instructions on how to help you with the therapy.  Or, an article in the Journal of the American Association of Physical Therapists Section on Neurology “Visual Vertigo/Motion Sensitivity” by Jean Mairie Beliner, PT, DPT, NCS, briefly outlines her description and treatment of a condition she calls “Visual/Vertigo”, V V, which appears to be very similar, if not the same as the SSS. The suggested treatment is one of desensitization through habituation exercises, which is also, the general principle of DAVT for the SSS.    You could refer your PT to that subject and article if need be. Those who specialize in vestibular rehabilitation, would be the most appropriate. is a good provider resource. is the link to the USA providers.

As mentioned previously, there are a very few scattered optometric physicians around the US and the world who are trained to diagnose and treat the SSS. You can find the ones I know of in the Provider listing on this site.  Their training methods may be quite different from mine and some often prescribe prism glasses for these types of cases.  I do not know what what result they achieve from it. You will have to decide whether to follow their normal protocol  or ask them to use mine.   In addition, you could ask your own OD if he or she will help you with the therapy or refer you to an office that provides regular vision therapy and refer them to this site for their enlightenment on this subject.  Do some checking on your own if need be.

If you do find an OD or PT who is not familiar with the SSS or V V  but is willing to help you with the training, have them study the 43 page manual and a 53 min. video demonstrateing the diagnosis and treatment of the SSS.  Both are available on the home page.  I am  available to consult with the professionals that are helping you, at no charge

If you cannot find an OD or PT to help you, some  people who have done DAVT on their own without the help of a therapist.  The success rate is  lower this way I presume, but is possible for some who are highly motivated.  It is invaluable to have a dedicated family member or close friend act as your “coach” during most training sessions. Your “coach” should concentrate on announcing the  training steps, evaluate  and be encouraging, leaving the  patient to just concentrate on the procedure at hand. This therapy is not easy to do and an “encourager” can be essential, especially on the days when things when things are not going so well, and there will be those days.   Please read letters from a few of these “do-it-yourselfers” at the bottom of the patient testimonial section.

I encourage all person who complete  DAVT to write brief review of their symptoms before training and the results of the training in the “comments” section of this site.  Also, include any suggestions as to how the DAVT could be improved.  That is how we all learn.  There are no books on this subject.

Finally, some SSS patients are just satisfied to know they have a diagnosis and there is a name for what they have, and it wasn’t just “in their head” after all.   These patients decide not to do the therapy for what ever reason, time, money, motivation,  lack of support at home, etc. and learn to try to live with their SSS the best they can.  However, the good news is they now have a better understanding of their condition.